– This is certainly the way of the future! Traditional real estate agents do very little to
justify their huge sales commission. Jens Raun gives great service. If you are considering
selling or want a fresh approach to the sale of your property give Jens a call – you will
NOT regret it!
J Balodis

– Jens Raun provides the most cost-effective way to sell your property. The process is
very simple and enables you to keep control of how your property is marketed. The
modular marketing pricing means you can tailor the service to your needs and so only pay
for what you need. We will never use a regular real-estate agent again. Thank you Jens,
for providing this much needed service.
F & S Garnes

– Jens Raun is efficient, always quick to respond, and works all hours of the day. Above
all else, Jens is a great guy who loves what he does. He’s very good at it and he’s an
excellent negotiator to bring about your sale. We were 100% impressed with the service
he provided and so we have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jens Raun to
prospective vendors.
C & A Turner

– Jens Raun is the future of real estate! When you see what little “conventional” agents do
for their huge commissions, don’t get angry, but contact Jens Raun. The whole
experience was so pleasant, and Jens made himself available at all hours. Jens is nothing
but professional and if you are selling your home, you must consider selling with him.
Jens Raun is the future of real estate! The future is now!
B & R McBrien

– Jens, where were you when I sold my previous houses … and lined the pockets of real
estate agents who did little more than parade anyone and everyone, knowing the odds
were in their favour of eventually matching me with a buyer. Jens Raun has
revolutionised the industry. I had a contract with the 5th client, after just 5 weeks. Way to
M & F Henley

– Jens is on call 24/7 to handle all the negotiations and contracts required for the sale. We
have bought and sold through Jens Raun and would recommend him to everyone.
A & S Thornton

– Due to a change in circumstances and after careful consideration I have decided to
withdraw the property from the market. I take this opportunity to thank you for your
attention, and further advise how impressed I have been with your presentation and
service. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other potential clients and
intend engaging your expertise at a later date. Thank you!
P Fox

– I would just like to thank you for all your help, advice and experience during the entire
process of our house sale. From start to finish you were so helpful and getting a contract
within 10 days and settling not long after was unbelievable for such a low fee. Thanks
Jens, I have already recommended you to a number of people and will continue to do
M & N Constantine

– Jens I was very impressed with you and your business the day we met and had every
confidence in the process from then on. It was not stressful at all. It was actually fun and
we were in control of the whole process, it felt good. Interest poured in once we
registered with you. Without your advice and support we couldn’t have had such a
fabulous result. I have no reservations in recommending you to friends should they need
to sell their own homes too.
C Turner

– Jens gave us a highly professional advice and a diligent, excellent service. The house
was sold a very good price, and he was always available for any issue during the selling
N Bludau & F Alonso-Marroquin

– Having bought property in the recent past using real web site almost entirely
in the search and weeding out process it became apparent to me what a powerful
marketing tool the internet was to present your property to prospective buyers. A Google
search brought up Jens Raun offering an internet focused marketing approach. I was
impressed by his professional approach. He has an impressive set of tools at his disposal
which he is prepared to use to help you. He encouraged me to present extra things for the
internet eg drawing up a floor-plan. [something I have rarely seen]. His willingness to use
Emails for communication was excellent. The result was more than one serious inspection
the first day it was up on the internet. With offer and contract soon to follow. We have
already recommended Jens Raun to others.
I Aspland

– I recently sold my property through Jens Raun and I highly recommend him. This is the
perfect way to sell your property Jens makes the process very easy. He gives expert
advice. The internet has changed the way in which real estate now operates. I highly
suggest you make enquires to Jens Raun to see the options available, I know I will be
choosing Jens Raun too sell again in the future.
A Lee-Bernstein

– I’m very happy to recommend Jens Raun to any prospective seller. The service I’d got
from Jens was rely great and nothing was to much for him. After only 4 weeks I had a
successfully contract on the property and Jens was making it so easy for me. I certainly
would have no hesitation to use his service again any time.
I Zehnder

– YES…we would we use Jens Raun again…YES…we will recommend him to our
friends…We just sold our property through Jens, and have nothing but praise for his
service. He has always been available, helpful, giving us good advice. He was very
patient, and approachable, explaining the ins and outs to people who do not know much
about Real Estate dealings. At the same time he was very professional in all our dealings.
We did have some contact with other agents prior to signing with Jens, and do not regret
going with Jens’s formula, using the internet as a main marketing tool. When we put our
house on the market, the economy was not coping very well and we thought it would be
very hard to achieve our asking price. Jens never tried to make us change our mind,
instead tried to generate more interest in our property. We are really thankful to him for
his friendly and outstanding service.
C & M Lake

– Jens, we would like to thank you for marketing and selling our property. We chose you
to sell our property because we had seen other properties in the area with other agents
signs on them for months then a Jens Raun sign would appear and the property would sell
in a matter of weeks. You were very helpful throughout the whole process and unlike
other agents we have dealt with you kept us informed and answered your mobile phone
when we rang. You have a very good knowledge of the area which is a great asset, we
would recommend anyone selling their property to at least have a talk to you first.
T & S Taylor

– We have found the service provided by Jens Raun outstanding. Initially, we tried to sell
our property using the standard real estate agents, however without success. They always
tried to talk our price down and point out why we should accept a lower offer as our
property lacked this or that, meanwhile trying to drum up more business for themselves
during open houses. Jens was like a breath of fresh air. His business idea is unique and
works incredible well. At all times you are in control. Our internet ad looked great &
generated a lot of interest. Jens was always helpful and available. One of the best things
about Jens – you felt like he was helping you at all times to achieve your goals, not out
for his own gain. We only have praise for Jens and can highly recommend him.
J & S Wearne

– After speaking to two other agents, we invited Jens Raun to our home for his appraisal.
Jens had already sold a home (twice in fact) in our street in a fairly short period of time.
Jens introduced us to his process of internet marketing and we must admit we were very
sceptical at first. He proceeded to give us all the right reasons and we could see it was the
new way of selling real estate in todays market. We were absolutely amazed at the
response he received and the genuine enquiry was a result of the information he provided
on the website. This information virtually qualified all the enquirers. Jens is a
professional agent and genuine in his approach and we have already recommended Jens
to others.
T & L Smith

– I run a business and time is of the essence in all, that I do. I am delighted with your
service and the way my property was marketed, managed and ultimately sold for the full
asking price with no conditions. All correspondence was timely, informative and honest.
The service you provided and the flexibility you offer in your marketing is highly
recommended and good value. I was very attached to the house and selling it was
emotional, you made the whole process painless and easy. I have already highly
recommended you to everyone I know and if your services covered a wider geographical
area, you would have sellers coming to you in droves.
J Parsons

– As a real estate agent I found Jens Raun to be very professional and motivated to get the
desired result. I would have no hesitation in using him again or recommending him to my
friends and colleagues.
P Cutler

– We’d like to take this opportunity to thankyou very much for your hard work during this
process. Rarely in this business do you meet an agent who is as approachable, patient and
considerate as you. Sandy and I both felt very comfortable dealing with you and you
certainly made it all very easy by staying in touch, offering your advice and basically
keeping us in the loop the whole time. Most importantly you never pushed us or placed
any pressure on us in anyway and that was just what we needed at this point. I wish you
the very best for the future and will definitely be keeping your card in case we decide to
sell. Thank you once again.
S & S Riggien

– First of all, I just wanted to say, thankyou so much for all your help with selling our
property. Secondly, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone for future
real estate dealings. From the first moment, you carried yourself in an above average
professional manner, and your personal commitment to honesty and loyalty are what
impressed us the most about you. Not only have you the specialised background and
experience in this field which give you an edge over other agents, and which allows you
to offer a comprehensive and detailed service to customers, but your relaxed, friendly and
‘no-pressure’ personality make you a joy to work with. Thank you again for all your good
work and friendly company. Good luck with all your future endeavours, both professional
and personal.
L-A Wiseman & G Steinfort

– I would like to thank you for your services in selling our property recently. I was very
impressed in your ability to give us facts and figures for sales in our area. Other real
estate agents gave us prices that were “pie in the sky”, and with these prices left us with
little to no chance if selling. Your internet ability, keenness and promptness were
outstanding. You were always keeping my wife and I informed of potential buyers and
when you would be showing them over the property, you always kept us informed by
ringing to let us know how it all went. Nothing was ever any trouble for you to do and I
will certainly be using you for any future buying and or selling. I highly do and already
have recommended you. Once again thank you for all you have done.
D J Mckenzie

– Just a couple of lines to say thank you for the great job you done in selling our property
recently. We appreciate the honest and reliable work you carried out and the effort you
put in. We would recommend you to family and friends.
G & J Enchelmaier

– I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable assistance with not
only the purchase of our new house, but also in the sale of our old house. Jacqueline and I
both found the service you offer to be extremely professional and non-intrusive. After
having used mainstream real estate agents in the past for our property transactions, we
found the service you offer to be a breath of fresh air, not only did you offer us sound
advise you also made the whole purchase and sale less stressful. I would have no
hesitation in recommending your service to anyone looking to transact in the property
market or even just after sound non-biased professional advice. Jacqueline and I wish you
all the best in your future business dealings.
S & J Walker

– We never met Jens, but we can certainly commend him as a master of managing a
successful transaction via e-mail. E-mail is the easiest way to manage a sale at a distance
and Jens knows how to use it for effective communication. A satisfied seller.
G & B McIlroy

– I never thought that I’d want to write a thankyou letter to a real-estate agent, but I was
so impressed by the way you handled the sale of our property I felt compelled to express
my gratitude in words. While you certainly acted in a professional and diligent manner it
was all the little other things that really made us fell comfortable with you representing
us, your honesty and integrity in our discussions, the time you put into ensuring each
house inspection was as if you were selling your own home, your thoroughness in making
sure people were really interested before you brought then through, your knowledge on
our property and the market was specific, not generalised like so many other agents I
could go on! I short Jens Sue and I were absolutely delighted with your service.
M & S Solari

– We would like to commend you for the effort you have put into selling a property that
other real estate agents found too difficult. The property, as you are aware, had been on
the market for a period of 3 years with little interest from buyers. We then decided to give
you a chance to sell the property and we were very impressed with the detailed
information and photos you produced and displayed on the internet as well as the 2 page
colour fact sheet that you handed out to each potential buyer inspecting the property. Not
only did you have a contract signed within 9 days from when you took on managing the
sale of the property. You managed to include a “sunset clause” in the contract allowing us
to continue the marketing of the property and you continued to find prospective buyers
and in the end buyers were bidding for the property so we ended up with an even better
contract than the initial one. We can honestly say that with the effort that was put into
selling the property we would recommend you to anyone who wanted to sell a
L Welch & A Gilbey

– We had our property listed with another agent for 2 months. We only had a few
inspections and no feedback. When Jens stepped in he gave us a realistic market
appraisal, produced a detailed marketing plan, took approx 50 photos and uploaded them
within 24 hours to a dedicated property photo web site, produced a property fact sheet &
listed the property on the internet. Jens did not change the listing price, but did tailor a
new advertisement to attract the potential buyers. Result: Within the 2 first weeks we had
5 qualified buyers, got continuous feedback and got 3 offers. We successfully negotiated
a price (slightly less than the listing price, but in line with Jens’s valuation). Our
recommendation: If you are serious about selling, don’t hesitate to contact Jens – you will
not regret it!
K & D Roxborough

– We are happy to recommend the services of Jens Raun. He helped us to achieve a quick
sale of our property at a price we were happy with. We might add that this was achieved
after another real estate agency had been unsuccessful in selling the property at auction.
Jens developed a competitive market research plan justifying the suggested sale price
range and a sales and marketing plan for our property. He spent considerable time with us
discussing the format and content of the internet advertisement and perhaps most
importantly suggested the need for some clean-up and maintenance to be carried out
before opening the house for inspection. Additional services included the establishment
of a dedicated property photo web site, development of a property fact sheet (to be
handed out tom potential buyers). Jens uses modern means of communication, such as
internet and SMS. If you are thinking of selling your property, we strongly recommend
that you contact Jens; you will not be disappointed.
R & R Joscelyne

– The decision to sell ones largest asset can be either an arduous or trouble-free
experience. Jens Raun presented a strategy for the listing and promotion of our unique
property which convinced us to exclusively use his services. True to his word, Jens was
open and honest in his appraisal of our property and worked in partnership with us in
developing a successful marketing plan. Throughout the campaign, Jens provided us with
the communication feedback that we have come to expect from property professionals.
Jens attention to details and enthusiasm for attracting the right buyer for our property was
refreshing, to say the least, with the end-result being a successful sale. We have no
hesitation in recommending Jens Raun to any prospective seller.
C & D Buckley

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